Meeting commenced 1.20 pm.  Attendance: 66 members.

Apologies:  Paula Anderson, Brian Angel, Barry and Lynn Bott, Jim Pocock and Paul Scollen.

Alan Chrisp opened the meeting and asked for one minute’s silence for any members who have passed away including F Brunacci, A Carlson, O Davidson, J Harwood and R Morgan.

Minutes of 2015 AGM:  The minutes have been on our website, they were taken as read confirmed on motion moved by Roger Mackay, seconded by Mike Greep.

Business arising:     Nil


1...With Insurance Brokers: in relation to Public Liability and Committee Insurance.

2...With various companies: re ongoing Sponsorship.

3...With other Veterans Associations: providing copies of 2016 Program Books.

4…With our website designer: re updates.

5…With Computer Systems: re Golf Link updates.

6…Invite to participate in Seniors Expo 2016 and Senior Week Awards.

President’s report: presented by Alan Chrisp.  Report on the website taken as read.  Alan advised that there were 4 resignations from the committee and he was on the lookout for new members to join the committee.  Alan congratulated Mike Greep and Ian Wallace for long service and doing tremendous jobs and also thanked Ron Hickman and Rod Peters for their great contributions.  Alan advised that he was pleased that Mike and Ian had agreed to remain on the committee as ex-officio members, subject to approval of the amendments to the ACT Region VGA Rules later in the meeting.  We are experiencing weekly competition problems.  AVGU numbers at National Championships at Northern Territory and South Australia, Alan recommended attendance as the Courses are always good .  Alan congratulated the championship winners and all other trophy winners and those who had holes in one.   

President’s report: moved by Tony Wood, seconded by Alan Booth.                  .

Captain’s Report: presented by Ron Hickman. Report on website taken as read. Ron advised that he was standing down and handing over to Tony Wood.  Ron commented on poor attendance at recent games which creates difficulties when negotiating with Clubs.  Ron was also disappointed that we are still having problems with slow play and encouraged everyone to keep moving and play ready golf.

Captain’s report: moved by David Marron, seconded by Mike Greep.

Financial Report and Statement of Accounts, Statements and other information required under section 73(1) of the Act were received and considered. 

Treasurer’s report on the website taken as read.  Alan advised that we are in a very strong financial position , due to sponsorship with special thanks to the Tradies, ACTEWAGL, Drummonds Golf and the Good Guys.   

Accounts have not yet been audited due to hospitalization of Auditor.

Motion moved by Roger Mackay to approve the Statement of Account and Treasurers report subject to Audit Report.  Seconded by Ron Hickman,  Motion carried.

Hon Auditor:  Allan Wright nominated Paul Scollen as Auditor, seconded by Tony Wood.  Motion carried unanimously.

Amendment to ACT Region VGA Rules

The amendments to the ACT Region Veteran Golfers’ Association Rules to provide for an expanded committee by including 2 extra ordinary committee members and for former committee members to become ex officio members, and by clarifying the membership of the Match committee was amended by Roger Mackay to include the word “than” in clause 12 (4) to now read “Each member of the committee, other than a”.  The amendment as amended was moved by Roger Mackay and seconded by Gary Norton and carried.

Election of Committee: 2016/2018.

Returning Officer: Mike Greep.

President Alan Chrisp nominated by Ian Wallace, seconded by Tony Wood.

Captain Tony Wood nominated by Ian Wallace, seconded by Alan Chrisp.

Treasurer vacant.

Secretary David Marron nominated by Ian Wallace, seconded by Tony Wood.


Paula Anderson nominated by Alan Chrisp seconded by Ian Wallace.

Roger Mackay nominated by Mike Greep, seconded by Ian Wallace.

Alan Booth nominated by Ian Wallace, seconded by Mike Greep.

Brian Holley nominated by Ian Wallace, seconded by Alan Chrisp.

Andy Jamonts nominated by Jim Jackson, seconded by Ian Wallace.

All committee members accepted nomination, motion moved and carried.

General Business

Alan Chrisp gave a report on problems with setting up the program and recent problems with Royal Canberra, Federal, Yowani and Capital.  Tony Wood explained the setup of the Program and suggested that as Federal had increased green fees by $30 we should subsidize 1 of the 2 games at Federal next year and provide an alternative venue for the other game. Following discussion it was agreed not to subsidize games at Federal but provide alternative venue. 

Allan Wright suggested we should do away with all 4ball events.  Following discussion it was agreed to do away with 4ball events other that the Ambrose at the AGM and Chooks day and the Jim Lindwall Irish 4Ball.  It was recommended that RMC be just a morning hit off, Tony Wood to write to RMC.  Suggestions made for encouraging golfers to go to outlying courses (Cooma, Goulburn, Yass and Braidwood) subsidy?, better prizes?, increase Bob Woods trophy points?, to be considered by the committee.  Tony to write to Yowani re mobility scooters.

Tony expressed concern at the number of members cancelling (20%) between Thursday and the day of play and asked everyone who puts other golfers on the booking list to make sure they are available to play.


Meeting closed at 2.30 pm.