The Annual General Meeting of Members of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association Incorporated will be held at the Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club on Monday 18 September 2017 commencing at 1.00pm (following the Golf).


  1. President to open the meeting and call for any apologies.

  2. The observation of one minute’s silence for deceased members.

  3. To confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 19 September 2016 and any business arising.

  4. Correspondence.

  5. Presidents Report for 2016/2017.

  6. Treasurers Report for 2016/2017.

  7. To receive and consider the Club’s audited Statement of Accounts, Auditors Statement, and other information as required under Section 73 (1) of the ACT.

  8. Captains Report for 2017/18

  9.  Playing program for 2018

  10. To appoint an Honorary Auditor for the current Financial Year.

  11. To elect any nominated member to One (1) current vacancy on the Committee

  12. Nomination forms are available on the Associations website: and must be received by the Secretary not less than 7 days prior to AGM)

  13. To transact any other business which may be brought before the Meeting in conformity with the Associations Rules:

  14. Increase in Nomination and Annual Membership Fee

  15. Increase in Weekly Competition fees

  16. Members Personal Profile Updates on Website

 Close Meeting.