Captain’s report for 2017 AGM - 18 September 2017

I must say the first year of my full captaincy role has sure been eventful!

Firstly I want to thank all of the committee members, playing partners and friends who rallied and supported me through my time of need from late February of this year until now, thank you!

Of particular concern this year has been the number of late cancellations and no shows. From the time I give the start sheet numbers to the pro shop on a Thursday prior to the Monday fixture, we are getting 20% to 25% cancellations (not just winter but all the year round). It may be that players are now relying on weather predictions which may or may not prove accurate. Further, if you are booking in a fellow player on a regular basis please make sure that person is available. It is very important that if you cannot play on the day that you phone the relevant pro shop.

Even though the amount of cancellations can be disruptive, all of the clubs I have written to and spoken with have kindly kept their fees for 2018 to the same level as 2017, but have warned me 2019 will be a year of price rises.

For your information here are playing figures based on the past three years.

2015:   a total of 4052 players at an average of 81 players per game.

2016:   a total of 3545 players at an average of 71 players per game.

2017:   a total of 2064 players (games played to date not counting cancellations, and putting the split rounds together) at an average of 66 players per game.

The top ten clubs over the past three years discarding cancellations and bad weather affected games:

1)         Gungahlin: average 99 players over 16 games.

2)         Murrumbidgee: average 98 players over 9 games.

3)         Yowani: average 96 players over 7 games.

4)         Belconnen: average 87 players over 15 games.

5)         Gold Creek: average 86 players over 12 games.

6)         Queanbeyan: average 79 players over 10 games.

7)         Duntroon: average 73 players over 6 games.

8)         Federal: (including I split round) 70 players over 7 games.

9)         Capital: (no games played in 2016) average 67 over 6 games.

10)       Fairbairn: average 63 players over 11 games.

The country courses (outside of the ACT) Average players throughout the year.

2015 Braidwood 36, Cooma 31, Goulburn 63, Queanbeyan 99, Yass 58.
Average for 2015 = 57.4

2016 Braidwood 55, Cooma 25, Goulburn 37, Queanbeyan 83, Yass 41.
Average for 2016 = 48.2

2017 Braidwood 46, Cooma 16, Goulburn 49, Queanbeyan 55, Yass 41.
Average for 2017 = 41.4

The number of country fixtures for 2018 (2017 figures in brackets)

Braidwood 2 (2), Cooma 1 (2), Goulburn 3 (2), Queanbeyan 4 (5), Yass 2 (3).

Due to the player numbers not improving this year, the doubling of points when playing the country games for the Bob Woods trophy will cease and revert back to the 2016 system.

There are no split rounds in the 2018 program due to Federal kindly reducing their prices for the veterans.

The clubs have agreed to a 9am starts for all of the winter fixtures, including Gold Creek who are also allowing the Veterans to hit off at 8am for the rest of the year.

Duntroon is a shotgun start, mornings only, due to poor numbers over the past two years.

The joint venture with the Senior Classic at Gungahlin will not take place in 2018 due to the poor numbers from both the Seniors and the Veterans this year.

Just a quick word on slow play.

If you cannot keep up with the group in front just be aware of the groups behind, step aside and call them through. 4hrs 20mins is acceptable for a round of golf on most courses, so the ones who are fit or younger and want to gallop around in less than 4hrs just be aware that you could well be unfit and certainly older one day.

All in all it is disappointing that the Veterans are following the national trend of falling numbers.

So if you have a friend, or family or associates who are over fifty five years of age and have a GL number, ask them to come along for a game, they will be welcomed with open arms!

To all of our members, keep well; hit ‘em straight and may the golf gods be with you in 2018.

Tony Wood