Presidents Report

ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Inc.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club on 18 September 2017.

It gives me pleasure to present this report to you on behalf of your Committee and to advise you that we continue to meet the prime objectives of our Association with respect to the promotion, control and arrangement of veteran’s golf in our Region.

At the AGM last year office holders on the Committee changed.  Mike Greep, Ian Wallace and Ron Hickman stood down as President, Secretary and Captain respectively.  Myself, David Marron and Tony Wood were elected to fill these roles.

There being no nominations for Treasurer, I have continued in that role.  Rod Peters did not seek re-election.  Peter Sydney and Andy Jamonts joined.  Mike and Ian both agreed to stay on the Committee as ex-officio members so that their corporate knowledge and expertise is not lost during the transition period.

To all committee members, thanks for your contributions over the past year.  The Committee functions, game day and background operations have worked smoothly due to your input and willingness to pitch in and help out wherever necessary.

I would like to remind members, that it is essential that the Committee has a full complement to ensure the effective running of our Association.  We have a vacancy to fill and would welcome volunteers to help out on game days and other tasks as required.  Please see me at or after the meeting if you think you can make a contribution.

As required by our constitution we held at least four Committee meetings during the year.


Our weekly competitions continue to run well and our program provides all members with at least one game on their home course where possible. The cost of games continues to be an important consideration in our endeavours to provide the best and

most cost effective spread of games on the courses we draw members from. Those courses which offer us discounted prices on green fees and cart hire will receive more games than those clubs who do not.

As mentioned above we will endeavour to play at least one game, and preferably two  at member’s clubs each year, providing of course that once the program is set, then it may not be possible to arrange a satisfactory change of venue if a club, for some reason has to cancelled an agreed date.

Capital was reinstated on the program this calendar year after a few issues were resolved.   Royal Canberra was not available.  Federal increased their green fees to more than $50 so we arranged split rounds at Belconnen and Yass for those not prepared to pay the high charge.  The split rounds for Federal was not popular and caused logistic issues so will not be continued.

Overall attendances were down, due in part to a run of bad weather, with a consequential impact on revenues.  The issue of poor and declining attendances at regional courses, Cooma in particular, continues.  In relation to game day arrangements, members will note that the spread of hit off times in the booking system has often been reduced.  This is to avoid large gaps in start sheet and return the course to the club as early as possible.  Where the start sheet fills up, more hit off times will be added as required.

Also if you are in one of the last groups, please hand in your card immediately you finish so that the Captain can complete processing the day’s results.

Tony has covered these issues in more detail in the Captain’s report.

Tony has all but finalized the program for next year and will provide a briefing and lead discussion at the AGM.    Importantly, Tony and I have come to a better arrangement with Federal to reduce green fees and we have agreement in principle for a return to Royal although financial details are to be resolved.


Despite a substantial loss last financial year, our finances remain in a healthy and stable position.  Our thanks to our sponsors: ACTEW AGL, Drummond Golf, The Tradies and Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club.

All aspects of our financial position are provided in the 2016/17 Financial Statements published on the web site and the Treasurer’s report.

I would also like to thank our Auditor and Life Member Paul Scollen for again agreeing to cast a critical eye over our finances.

Australian Veteran Golfers Union (AVGU)

Last year the National Championships were held in Adelaide.

This year the championships are to be held on the Gold Coast from 15-20 October.  The event is fully booked and entries are closed.

In 2018 the championships will be held in Nelson Bay, followed by Tasmania, Victoria, WA and the ACT in 2022.


In June 2017 we had over 300 financial members.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our major trophy winners for the year:-

John D’Este                Vets Champion (Gross)

Erwin Kijko                  Champion (Nett)

Russ Shalders             Bob Woods Trophy

A grade                       Gross  Rod Drayton      Net  Graeme Rickert

B Grade                     Gross  Jim Pocock        Net    Toss Gascoigne

C Grade                     Gross  Ken Alexander   Net   Phil Burgess

D Grade                      Gross  Ron Thomson    Net   Patrick O,Neill

Irish 4 Ball                   B. Butchmann, D. Read, M. Greaves and P. Sydney

Congratulations also to Andy Jamonts for a hole in 1 at Gold Creek and Michael Curtis for an Eagle at Fairburn.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for the honour of being your President and for the support and encouragement given to me by the members and committee during my time in the Chair.


Alan Chrisp