Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Incorporated.

 Date:          18th September 2017.

Venue:       Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club

 The meeting commenced at 1:45 pm. There were 71 members in attendance.

 Apologies: Paula Anderson, Don Chaplin, Leon Carter, Ron Hickman, Jim Jackson, Barry Morgan, Joan Pritchard, Brian Angel, Max Litchfield.

 The President, Alan Chrisp opened the meeting and called for a minutes silence in memory of the members who had passed away during the past 12 months. Recently deceased members   mentioned were Wal Harrison, Richard Coventry, Laurie Harbridge, Richard Wong and John Davidson.

 Minutes of the 2016 AGM:  The minutes as published on the ACTRVGA website were taken as read and this was confirmed on a motion moved by R. Mackay and seconded by G. Verco.

 Correspondence: There was no significant correspondence received to be discussed other than the usual, insurance renewal, companies on sponsorship matters, invitations for various seniors golf competitions in the country and New Zealand and other Australian Veteran golfers associations.

 Presidents Report:  Alan Chrisp (President) presented his annual report.  This has been available to members on the ACTRVGA website. He acknowledged the voluntary work done over the year by fellow committee members in running the organisations and weekly competitions and congratulated the championship winners and winners of the other significant annual competitions and trophies. Alan reminded members of the vacancies available still on the committee (3) and called for volunteers and mentioned that the ACT was scheduled to hold the National Championships in 2022. This year the championships are being held at the Gold Coast.

 The motion for the adoption of the Presidents Report was moved by R.Mackay and seconded by A.Jamonts and carried.

 Treasurers Report:  Alan Chrisp (acting Treasurer) presented a Treasurers report including the statement of accounts and financial report as had been published on the ACTRVGA website. It was noted that the ACTRVGA finances had incurred a significant loss in the last financial year due to loss of Sponsorship, poor attendance to games due to bad weather and increased expenses for annual events such as “chooks day” and the AGM day.

 The outlook for the current financial year was much better because of renewal of Tradies sponsorship ($4,500) ACTEWAGL raffle sponsorship and Gungahlin Lakes vouchers. ACTRVGA receives between $6K to $8K in sponsorships, green fees and memberships annually.

Alan stated that some additional revenue raising measures are to be put in place in 2017/18.

Alan thanked Paul Scollen for his work as honorary auditor for the year and his continuance in this role as Hon. Auditor for the 2017/2018 F/Y.

 The motion to adopt the financial reports was moved by R.Mackay and seconded by A.Booth and carried.

 Captains Report: Tony Wood  (Captain) presented a Captains Report to the meeting as had been published on the ACTRVGA website.  Tony advised that there were to be 2 games at Federal Golf club next year and that support for these was required from members in order to minimise costs and risks for ACTRVGA.

There were to be no split rounds and the program for 2018 would incorporate a 9:00 am winter start time for games during that period.

Negotiations were ongoing with Royal Canberra to hold an event there in 2018.

Games at RMC Duntroon in 2018 were to be AM only no PM starts. 9:00 am winter and 8:00 am summer start times would also be adopted for games at RMC Duntroon.

The Seniors Championship event held in conjunction with Gungahlin Lakes (joint venture) would not be continued in 2018 due to poor attendance.

The standard (summer) Gold Greek start time for events in 2018 would be changed to 8:00 am instead of 8:30 am.       

The motion to adopt the Captains report was moved by D.Gabbitas and seconded by P.O’Neill and carried.

Committee Elections: Not required at this meeting as committee members had another year to run on their election in 2016.

There were no nominations received for the 3 vacant positions on the committee.

General Business: 

Program 2018: It was requested from the floor that no consecutive weeks of 4 BBB events be held, as stableford was the preferred format. A. Wright suggested that extra 4 ball events be removed from the program. T Wood replied saying the only 4BBB event in the 2018 program is the Jim Lindwall trophy event.

D.Gabbitas queried the cost of playing at RMC of $19 for non-members. T. Wood would look into this.

Membership and Competition Fees: The committee have decided to increase the nomination and annual membership fees payable from 1st July 2018 to $20 Nomination fee and $20 annual membership fee. This is the first increase in these fees since 1999 and will assist greatly in raising extra revenue for ACTRVGA.

The weekly competition fee will also increase to $4 from 1st January 2018.

Cost Savings measures: The President  (Alan Chrisp) pointed our cost savings measures being adopted by the committee including reducing printing costs for program booklets and membership cards, cutting costs for annual Christmas Time event and a critical appraisal of our insurance costs.

ACTRVGA Website:  The Webmaster (Andy Jamonts) stated that a program is being set up, to hold the details of all members and options are now available for members to update their email addresses.

If members need to make changes to their online profile they should email Andy.

Medal of Medals Round: there was general support from the floor for the instigation of a Medal of Medals round based on the monthly medal winners. Tony Wood to instigate.

Monthly Stroke Event: Andy Jamonts suggested that the Monthly Medal event become a stroke event. Graham Rickard suggested the adoption of a modified stroke scoring system for this as is being recommended in the R&A 2019 Official Rules changes

The adoption of this type of event for the Monthly Medal was supported by the floor and will be reviewed by the Committee with a view to implementation.

Federal Golf Club: Graham Rickert raised objections to playing games at Federal on basis that they just cancel on us at will. The committee will need to manage and market our relations with federal to ensure we get the best outcomes for our members.

Royal Canberra: It was pointed out from the floor that Royal Canberra do not allow players to use personal scooters and that members who use these will need to hire carts from Royal Canberra in the event that ACTRVGA play there in 2018.

Meeting Closed at 2:35pm.