Captain’s Report for 2018

AGM – 17 September 2018


Firstly I want to thank all of the staff in the pro golf shops that have assisted me through the year by collecting the green fees, starting the events, juggling with our program, liaising with their green keepers and making the Veterans very welcome.

My last report stated that 2019 would be a year of price rises in relation to green fees and cart costs.  I am pleased to say there are no great increases at this stage with 75% of the negotiations already completed.

Program 2019

With regard to the 2019 program, I have one regret and that is that we are not playing at Cooma. The reason is that Cooma do not have any financial members in our Association and poor attendance by the Vets in general. For the last two games the figures were 12 and 17 respectively with no Cooma players in attendance.

On the positive side, Federal GC will host two games in 2019 and Royal Canberra one.

I have generally avoided playing Monthly Medal games on the country courses and have also avoided playing those courses in the Winter months.

The 9am start in the Winter months seems to be a success and will continue through next year.

The most popular club regarding attendances are Murrumbidgee with an average of 99 (98) followed by Royal Canberra 95 (one game only), Gungahlin 94 (99), Federal 90 (one game only), Yowani 86 (96), Belconnen 85 (87), Queanbeyan 85 (79), Gold Creek 75 (86), Capital 64 (67), Fairbairn 63 (63), Duntroon 61 (73), Goulburn 46 (49), Yass 45 (41), Braidwood 42 (46) Note ( ) are last year’s figures. Also note I have not included any fixture that was affected by the weather conditions.

Apart from Murrumbidgee, Queanbeyan and Yass with Fairbairn holding firm you can see slight downward trends with the rest.

Based on these figures you will see from the 2019 program that I have recognised the popularity of each course and issued the number of games accordingly.

You will also see that Fairbairn GC are back to playing on Tuesdays after long weekends, this also avoids the ladies’ competitions which necessitated a later start when we played on Mondays.

Cancellations and No Shows

My annual complaint still applies regarding cancellations and no shows.

We are still getting 20 to 25% cancellations and at times 30% (as recently occurred at Gungahlin 13/8/18).

I understand we are the most vulnerable age group regarding sickness/ailments but at times I think we must have been hit by the plague!

If you are booking your mates in please make sure they are available to play and do not book them in as a ritual. In addition, time and time again when one player in the group decides to pull out the whole group pulls out, which is hard to understand.

There have been incidences where a player has turned up (particularly in the latter groups) to find out they are stranded alone. When this has happened the player has had to join a group and make it a five-player combo or they miss a few holes and catch up with another group of two or three or simply go home.

To try and avoid all of this I have proposed the start sheet times be 1-1/2 hrs front and back and not 2 hours. The country courses stay at 1 hour at this stage. If and when the fixture gets full the reserve system then comes into play. If there are still reserves just prior to the start sheet closing on the Sunday, our start sheet gurus will open up more slots to accommodate.

It is important that all players check the start sheet just prior to close-off to make sure they are not left high and dry by the late cancellations and move themselves accordingly.

By doing so it will also help the pro shops and my stress levels by not having to juggle players around prior to the start of the event.

Slow Play

I understand there are a number of new National/International rules being implemented on this subject from 1 January 2019 so please be aware.

The best rule for a smoother (you don’t have to run) game in my mind is “awareness”.

Be aware of the group in front, be aware of the group behind, be aware when to tee off, be aware when to putt, be aware of your playing partners.

I also think the good old golf glove can delay a game by up to 20 minutes!

How many times do you see a player get to the tee and then decide to go through the ritual of putting on his/her glove when they are about to hit off?  The glove should be on before getting on the tee and off before getting on the green.

In Conclusion.

I want to say thank you to a very inspirational player in our group who turns up regularly no matter what the conditions may be.

I won’t mention his name because I am sure you all know him or of him, he is a legend.

He is 93 years young, walks the 18 holes in under 4-1/2 hours and is in the top 20 as regular as clockwork.

All I can say about this inspirational man is “they don’t make kids like they use ta!”

All the best to you all and keep well.

Tony Wood