Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Incorporated.

Date:          17h September 2018.

Venue:       Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club

The meeting commenced at 1:30 pm. There were 70 members in attendance.

Apologies: Tony Wood, Paula Anderson, Ron Hickman, Brian Angel, Bob Murphy, Paul Burgess, and Brian Moore.

The President, Alan Chrisp opened the meeting and called for a minutes silence in memory of the members who had passed away during the past 12 months. Recently deceased members   mentioned were John Baker and Kevin Kirk.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM:  The minutes as published on the ACTRVGA website were taken as read and this was confirmed on a motion moved by R. Mackay and seconded by A.Booth. There was no business arising.

Correspondence: There was no significant correspondence received to be discussed other than the usual, insurance renewal, companies on sponsorship matters, invitations for various seniors golf competitions in the Regions and New Zealand and other Australian Veteran golfers associations. In reply to a question from A.Jamonts it was stated by the secretary (D.Marron) that details of these events are made available on the website  (under Notices) and at our weekly fixtures when they become available.

The secretary also advised that on request from the relevant authority (ATO) that the Associations ABN contact details had been updated.

Presidents Report:  Alan Chrisp (President) presented his annual report.  This has been available to members on the ACTRVGA website. He acknowledged the voluntary work done over the year by fellow committee members in running the organisations and weekly competitions and congratulated the championship winners and winners of the other significant annual competitions and trophies. Alan reminded members of the vacancies on the committee and called for volunteers and mentioned that the ACT was scheduled to hold the National Championships in 2022. This year the championships are being held at Nelson Bay.

The motion for the adoption of the Presidents Report was moved by Andy Jamonts and seconded by Peter Sydney and carried.

Treasurers Report:  Alan Chrisp (acting Treasurer) presented a Treasurers report including the statement of accounts and financial report as had been published on the ACTRVGA website. It was noted that the ACTRVGA finances had

Improved significantly from last year and that the association was in a healthy financial position. Reduced printing and insurance costs, profits from the raffle and the Federal golf fixture all contributed to this position. The outlook for the current financial year was much better because of renewal of Tradies and ACTEWAGL sponsorship together with Gungahlin Lakes vouchers and increased membership and ball competition fees. We currently have 300 financial members. It was also mentioned that the EFT facility for paying annual memberships was working well and popular.

Alan thanked Paul Scollen for his work as honorary auditor for the year and for his nomination in the role as Hon. Auditor for the 2018/2019 F/Y. The meeting supported the nomination.

The motion to adopt the financial reports was moved by R.Mackay and seconded by A.Booth and carried.

Captains Report: Alan Chrisp on behalf of Tony Wood   (Captain) presented the Captains Report to the meeting as had been published on the ACTRVGA website.  Highlights included a recommendation for the inaugural ACTRVGA “Golfer of the Year” trophy.  The initial recipient of the trophy for the 2018 Trophy was Harold Whitby who was presented with the trophy. Harold was also awarded life Membership of the Association. These actions were fully supported by the meeting

The motion to adopt the Captains report was moved by P.Scollen and seconded by P.Sydney and carried.

Committee Elections:  As required by the ACTRVGA rules, this year a new committee was required to be elected.

M.Greep was appointed as the returning officer for the election, which subsequently occurred. Committee members Tony Wood (Captain) and Paula Anderson advised they did not wish to stand for election for 2018/2020. All other current Committee members offered themselves for re-election and were duly re – elected.

The current President (A.Chrisp) and Secretary (D.Marron) offered themselves for re - appointment. These appointments were fully supported by the meeting. 

Chris Morgan offered himself for election as Captain. The appointment was duly made and supported from the meeting.

David Porter, Joe Gunning and Marian Blake offered themselves for appointment to the Committee. The meeting supported these appointments. There were no further nominations for the Committee.

The ACTRVGA Committee elected for 2018 /2020 is:

President                      Alan Chrisp.

Secretary:                     David Marron.

Treasurer:                     Vacant.

Captain:                        Chris Morgan

Public Officer                Roger Mackay

Committee:                  Alan Booth, Roger Mackay, Brian Holley, Andy Jamonts, Peter Sydney, David Porter, Marian Blake and Joe Gunning together with ex-officio Committee members Mike Greep and Ian Wallace.

General Business: 

NEW Golf Rules - 2019.

Alan Booth gave a short presentation on the new R & A  and USGA Rules of Golf  to be adopted worldwide from January 2019.


Members were advised that the committee only thoroughly check the top 10 Scorecards each week  (due to time constraints) and that once scores are entered into Golflink they cannot be changed. All players have a responsibility to hand in completed, signed scorecards with their golf link number and score written clearly.

Playing program 2019

Alan Chrisp advised that the 2019 program had been finalised and agreed with the various clubs in the region.

In 2019 no games have been scheduled for Cooma as there are no longer any Cooma financial members and no likelihood of any rejoining the ACTRVGA. Also in the past couple of years very low numbers of Canberra/Queanbeyan based members attend fixtures held at Cooma.

There will be one game at Royal Canberra and two games at Federal in 2019.

Meeting Closed at 2:35pm.