The AVGU is incorporated in the ACT with an Executive comprising of one Delegate from each of the affiliated associations in all eight States and Territories. The basic objectives of the Union are promoting the game of golf generally, assisting and coordinating member States and Territories in the administration of the game of golf for veteran golfers and providing the guidelines for the conduct, control and management of the annual AVGU Championships.

Each affiliated State and Territory association is autonomous in the administration, control and conduct of their competition roster that does vary from association to association.  Currently NSWVGA, ACTRVGA and QVGU offer lady membership. Competitions are conducted on week days.

‘Veteran golfer’ is  defined as  being an amateur golfer who is a member of a golf club affiliated with Golf Australia that is prescribed by AVGU, holds a current GA handicap and is a member of an affiliated  State or Territory veteran golfer association. The national membership, as at November 2014 was 32,441, with state and territory wide competitions utilising hundreds of golf courses.

AVGU Executive

Executive Committee


ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association Inc

Alan Chrisp (National President)

0408 583 634

E Mail:achrisp@bigpond.net.au

New South Wales Veteran Golfers Association Inc

Ian Vidler (National Vice President)

0477 905 102

E Mail: landian50@iinet.net.au                                  www.nswvga.com.au

Northern Territory Veteran Golfers Association Inc

John Baylis

0437 045987

E Mail: 

Queensland Veteran Golf Union Inc

Barrie Rymer

07 3408 6430

E Mail: qldvets@bigpond.net.au

South Australia Veteran Golfers Association Inc

Brian Nankivell


E Mail: bfvjen23@tpg.com.au

Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union Inc

Geoffrey French

0407 140 969

E mail: geoff.french@bigpond.com

Victorian Veteran Golfers Association Inc

Daryl Dunford

03 5352 3921

E Mail: darb46@hotmail.com

Joined 2014

Western Australian Veteran Golfers Association Inc

Colin Thorniley

0418 500 179

E Mail: colinjt43@bigpond.com

Secretary /Treasurer

Raymond Gibson

03 6248 6686

0418 559 168

E Mail:  rayandkareng1@bigpond.com

Public Officer

Roger McLeod Mackay

02 6281 4819     0408 814 817


Australian Veteran Golfers State Associations

Western Australian Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

South Australian Veteran Golfers Association Inc.

Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

Queensland Veteran Golf Union

Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfer's Association

Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association

Click on the link to the website of the Association you require


National Championship Roster 

The National Championships are conducted on a rotation between states and territories. The upcoming schedule is



Gold Coast 15-20 October



Port Stephens 12-16 November