ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association

Extreme Heat Policy (Jan 2017)

This policy includes measures that golfers, volunteers and officials should take to counter the impact of play in extreme heat conditions based on recommendations from the nationally based Sports Medicine Association (SMA).

The following provisions are to apply for all competitions.

Given that Veteran golfers are a minimum of 55 years of age, all events will be cancelled if the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) routine weather forecast at 4.20pm on the day prior to play or at 4.45am on the day of play is for a maximum temperature of 38 degrees C or higher.

Where the BOM forecasts a temperature of 36 degrees C to 37degrees C, the starting sheet will be modified to prevent any play starting after 9am. This will prevent play in the mid and later afternoon period, generally being the hottest part of the day. With a two-tee start commencing at 7.30am, 128 players could still participate in the competition.

If on the day of competition, extreme temperatures and/or humidity unexpectedly develop, play may be suspended or abandoned at the discretion of the Club Captain or duty Match Committee. The assessment of extreme temperature will be undertaken with reference to information provided by BOM. Should play be suspended it will not resume until the conditions moderate. If the forecast for the remainder of the day shows no likelihood of moderating temperatures, play shall be abandoned for that day.

Where practical, players will be notified of any cancellation or modification of playing arrangements due to extreme heat via a website message.