Presidents Report 2020/2021

ACT Region Veteran Golfers Association (ACTRVGA) Inc.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club on 22 February 2021.

It gives me pleasure to present this report to you on behalf of your Committee and to advise that we continue to meet the prime objectives of our Association with respect to the promotion, control and arrangement of veteran’s golf in our Region.

This report covers the financial year 2019-20.  The AGM scheduled for September last year had to be rescheduled until now due to COVID restrictions on gathering sizes.

To all committee members, thanks for your contributions over the past year with particular thanks to David Marron and Chris Morgan for their contributions as Secretary and Captain respectively and to Buddy, David and others for their game day efforts.  The Committee functions, game day and background operations have worked smoothly due to your input and willingness to pitch in and help out wherever necessary.

I would like to remind members, that it is essential that the Committee has a full complement to ensure the effective running of our Association.  We would also welcome volunteers to help out on game days and other tasks as required. 

As required by our constitution we held at least four Committee meetings during the year.


The first 6 months of 2020 were a real challenge.  Firstly the bushfires in January led to some course closures and game cancellations and then from April to mid June the COVID outbreak restrictions closed courses.

Courses began re-opening in June. Finding courses that would take us and coping with the variety and ever changing local regulations presented real challenges to both the Committee and players. 

The Committee took a view that we would attempt to schedule games where safe and practicable and leave decisions about participating to individual players.  Attendances since the restart have been very strong and we thank you for your support, patience and tolerance.  We seem to have survived this difficult period without major issues.  Certainly we have been much better off that many other states, particularly Victoria.

Unfortunately our one game at Royal, scheduled for late April, was a casualty of the closures and we were unable to come to terms with them for a game in 20-21.

Scheduling issues with courses arise from time to time.  We thank those clubs for their assistance when we have had to reschedule games on short notice due to courses becoming unavailable.

Next year’s program has been circulated.

Chris has covered these issues in more detail in the Captain’s report.


Despite the interruptions we covered costs for the year and remain in a very healthy position.

It is also pleasing to note the steady stream of new members coming through.

Unfortunately the outlook for 2020-21 is not as good as sponsorship from the Tradies and Gungahlin has been suspended.

I would also like to thank our Auditor and Life Member Paul Scollen for casting a critical eye over our finances.

Australian Veteran Golfers Union (AVGU)

The AVGU National Championships scheduled for Yarrawonga in November 2020 were postponed to November 2021 after it became apparent that COVID issues were unlikely to be lifted in time for the event to proceed.

Consequently the Championships in WA have been put back to 2022 and the ACT to 2023.


In June 2020 we had over 300 members.  The introduction of direct debit facilities for renewals has been a resounding success with nearly 200 members taking advantage.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our major trophy winners for the year:-

Stewart Jones              Vets Champion (Gross)

Joe Gunning                Champion (Nett)

Joe Gunning                Bob Woods Trophy

Phil Berry                    Medal of Medals

Your Committee welcomes your (constructive) suggestions for innovations or changes which improve our operations and/or participant enjoyment.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for the honour of being your President and for the support and encouragement given to me by the members and committee during my time in the Chair.

 Thank you

Alan Chrisp