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2017 Results

2017 Program

Club Championships 2017 – Handicapping Rules

All Golfers Please Note

Both rounds of the club championships (at Gold Creek and Belconnen) are STROKE events only.  

 For each day’s round your daily handicap will depend on your actual GA Handicap on the day, as usual.

Daily prizes for each round will be awarded based on the NETT scores.

However for calculating the Championship results, your GA handicap will remain the same

(ie your GA at Gold Creek on 4 December) adjusted for the Slope at Belconnen.

We will adjust Belconnen scores after the game as necessary to determine the Championship results.

For the Championship prizes will be awarded to the Gross and Nett winners.

Prizes will also be awarded to the Gross and Nett winners and runners up in each of A,B and C Divisions.


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 Policies and Guidelines

1. Extreme Weather Policy

2. Slow Play

3. GA Handicapping System